Buy A Bed 2021

“You never forget your first night without a bed” – Curtis B., homeless for two years, safely housed now for seven

Today, we find ourselves in the midst of a public health emergency like nothing we’ve ever seen, and our neighbors without secure housing are the most at risk.  They are worried about their health and frightened about their future.  Just imagine if you didn’t have a safe home right now.

As we move through this ongoing public health crisis, Friends is continuing to get people who are not safely housed, housed. Especially now, it’s vital we do whatever it takes to reduce the number of our already vulnerable neighbors living without stable homes – in crowded shelters and on our streets – move quickly into safe, stable housing and get them connected with the critical supports they need to live the healthy, hopeful, and peaceful lives we all want to live.

Every $250 raised gives someone being housed one new bed outfitted with everything needed for safe and comfortable nights’ sleep and makes a house a home for them as they move beyond homelessness into their own place – many for the first time in their lives.

Follow this link to donate a bedroom item: