$35k from Marquisrate.com!

It takes a village! We are so excited to share that our amazing partners at Andrew Marquis Team raised an extraordinary $35,224.50 in 2020! We truly cannot say thank you enough for the impact they’ve had on the lives of people who struggled without safe, stable homes of their own despite this ongoing public health emergency. With the generous help of www.MarquisRate.com, our Housing Start-up Fund assisted more people than ever in 2020 ( 347 to be exact) move out of crowded shelters and unsafe outdoor spaces into permanent dignified housing and get started on their journeys to living hopeful, healthy futures in our community. With the Andrew Marquis Team as our partner, we were able to fill every request for assistance from the housing program staff to provide what each person needed to move quickly and safely into housing (a security deposit, first/last, utility arrearage, copy of a birth certificate to sign a lease, moving costs from a furniture bank to someone’s new apt., and/or a new bed and other essential household items that must be new). And the best news is, over 90% will remain housed and never return to homelessness – transforming their lives and making our community a better place for all of us. ❤🏠❤