How You Can Help! Volunteer Opportunities

Evening Volunteer Opportunities

  • Sponsor & Serve a meal at Long Island Shelter or Woods Mullen Shelter (great for 2-15 people!).Vertex_special

Volunteer Opportunities for Your Group or Your Company’s Community Service Day

  • Paint a dorm, community room, or even an entire floor at one of our sites.
  • Plant and harvest on The Farm at Boston’s Long Island Shelter. (Individual volunteers are also welcome and much needed!)
  • Sponsor & Serve a meal at Long Island Shelter or Woods Mullen Shelter.

Teach a Class or Life Skill

  • Participate in a Workforce Development Webinar series. Through use of Skype or similar technology you can lead a targeted discussion on your industry or career, providing trainees valuable firsthand knowledge of exciting careers and work opportunities.
  • Teach a Life Skills Workshop like budgeting, resume writing, interviewing, time management, goal setting, etc. to individuals in transitional programs.
  • Host a recreational activity at one of the shelters or transitional programs.
  • Get Creative! Bring in art supplies and lead a group of guests in a simple and fun craft project.

Can’t Get a Group Together or Make it to One of our Sites? You Can Make a Difference Right from your Work, School, Club, or Place of Worship!Baskets_Allison_Rubin_Small

  • Create  Housewarming Gift Baskets! Boston’s Housing First initiative is ending long-term homelessness for some of our community’s most vulnerable by providing people with dignified housing and the support they need to rebuild their lives.

You can help them embark on their journey to a new life by making Housewarming Gift Baskets for their new  homes.

Just fill a basket with the basic necessities we all need to make our house a home and don’t forget to include a  welcome note. There is no limit to how many baskets you can make.

This is also a great opportunity get a group of friends or co-workers together to hold a drive for these items and make a huge difference in people’s lives! Check out the Housewarming Gift Basket Flyer for more info and ideas about what to include in your baskets.



  • Hold a Drive (socks, underwear, toiletries, and warm winter clothing are especially needed). Drives are a great way to get your entire company, school or even all your friends and family involved. Drives have no set time limit and you can run your drive as long as you’d like.

Just download the flyer below for one of our current drives and share with those you’d like to participate. They’re easy to run and have a big impact on people’s health, warmth, and comfort. Thank you!


For more information, please call (617) 942-8671 or email mariannbucina@fobh.org.
Individual volunteers under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.